Shanghai Food

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Healthy Eating

It is easy to enjoy Chinese food in Shanghai. There are a wide variety of choices but most of the population opts for healthy food like vegetables. Shanghai food is recognizable world-wide with thick-sauced soy bean dishes, as well as stir-fried vegetables in oil.  To further improve and enrich the food culture in Shanghai, businessmen in the food industry have established "technical centers" to improve local food and look for ways to innovate Shanghai food. Chefs in Shanghai also have been creating vegetarian recipes for the growing vegetarian population.  Healthy eating in Shanghai has never been this good.

Local Signature Food

Benbang Cuisine- which literally means “Local Cuisine”, has been around since forever. Highly distinctive because of the bright, fresh vegetables and special soybean sauce, the Benbang Cuisine is often described as fresh and sweet. The Benbang Cuisine boasts of a wide variety of signature dishes made from the freshest harvest in season. Their many different cooking styles like braising, stir-frying, marinating, smoking and roasting add to the flavor that is distinctively Shanghai.

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